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Welcome  to my home based studio!

My studio consists of the 3 freshly remodeled spaces; my office, studio, and waiting area.


My office

is where I meet all my clients and do most of my editing. I have a wide variety of product samples such as artwork, canvases, albums, announcements and more. These are to help show you what kind of products you are able to order. I love offering products to my clients and see my images printed on the best finishes in the industry. I work with multiple printing labs so I can source the best quality and variety of product options. The large TV screen is used during my viewing sessions to show my clients their galleries and help them select their dream images.

My shooting room.

This is where all the magic happens. I predesign and create my unique sets. This room is in addition to on location photography. I create and prepare setups for your session in advanced so that when you arrive we are ready to go. This area has everything you need such as newborn equipment, backdrops, sound machine, heater, lighting, and anything you would need to make it the best possible experience. Even though my space is at the comfortable temperature for adults, I use additional heater for my smallest clients to keep them extra cozy. It is a place of inspiration for me, which is why you can sometimes find me there in the middle of the night organizing an idea that will not let me sleep.


My waiting room

is a fun space for you to relax during a photo shoot. You can check out my vast collection of fun props and wall displays. My props consist of various bowls, stools, chairs, outfits, bonnets, headbands, flower crowns, wraps and posing fabrics. I have a lot of floral options and various holiday props as well. I also stock some outfits for older babies, kids, and maternity gowns. I work with multiple vendors that can provide custom made flower crowns and headbands with live and artificial flowers. I have some albums for you to flip through as well as some gift ideas for you and your family. Your little ones can play with toys or watch a show on TV. You can take care of your baby at my changing station and not have to worry if you forgot your dipper bag as I have all the baby essentials stocked and ready!

My studio is my heart and soul, it is a place of beauty and creativity and I hope you will find yourself safe, comfortable and full of inspiration there as I do. Thank you for visiting and I hope to

see you soon!

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