As a mother of five, I have deep reverence for the birthing mother. Giving birth to my children was the most amazing and scariest thing I've done. My passion for birth story photography came out of my own amazing miracles and the story of their arrival. Every birth is different, whether it is at home or the hospital, it is the story of you and your baby and it is my honor to document this right of passage for you as a woman, and milestone for your family as it grows and changes. 

WHY HIRE A BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHER? If you are browsing my page your probably know those benefits but if you are still not fully convinced, here are some ideas. Besides preserving a record for your child, as a mother and looking back at my experience, there were so much more going on that I've missed because I was focused on the task at hand. My goal is to document all the tiny details of that day that you will treasure for a lifetime.

WHERE TO START? We start with consultation, where we meet and discuss all the details. You are welcome to bring your partner with you or anybody that will be involved during delivery. We will discuss your wants and needs. I am experienced birth photographer your request, no matter how weird it might be, will not scare me away. We will talk about timing and notification such as when to contact me once you think you might be in labor and so on. We also will talk about back up. I am partnered with another amazing photographer so in the unlikely case I am not able to make it, you can be at peace knowing that there is a back up. I will try to have her come when we set up the appointment so you have a chance of meeting both of us. I will do my best to answer any questions you have and share more of my work. Booking consultation with me doesn't mean I am hired as a photographer for your birth story. This is the appointment where you can meet me, learn more about what I do and then make a decision. But if you already love my work and you have made your decision I can pencil your due date in my calendar!

WHAT CAN WE DO TO HELP INSURE THE BEST PHOTOS POSSIBLE? Please give me as much advanced notice as possible when you think you might be in labor. I know this is not always possible but, it is greatly appreciated when it is. Lighting is super important, if you are giving birth during the day, you are pretty lucky, the day light is magical. Most of my babies come in the middle of the night. I never use flash so I don't distract the medical staff or you. If it is possible to keep lights on in the room during the delivery it will improve the quality of your images.

WHAT IF I DON'T WANT "EVERYTHING" PHOTOGRAPHED? I have clients with all different comfort levels regarding their birth images. Some mothers want to see everything in their photos, others would prefer I stay by their heads and take the photos from that discreet perspective. I will honor your wishes.

DO YOU PHOTOGRAPH CESAREAN BIRTHS? Yes, I do! Some hospitals/doctors are concerned with having a photographer in the room. We can discuss a few ways to introduce this idea to your physician and be sure they are on board with having me there. In the end though, I have to abide by their policies and so it is important that you discuss all the possible scenarios with your care providers and hospitals.

WHEN DO YOU COME AND HOW LONG DO YOU STAY AFTER THE BABY ARRIVES? I'd like to arrive 1 hour before you start pushing, that way I have time to photograph details of your room before action begins. After baby arrives I stay for at least 30 minutes or so to get pictures of the baby and you.

WHAT IS YOUR TURN AROUND TIME FOR MY IMAGES? I'd like to get all images processed and ready for you within a week. I know you probably would like to share a few pictures so I will do my best to provide some pictures for you right away. 

P R I C I N G   A N D   O P T I O N S



Includes Labor and  Delivery photography of your baby, captured in a unique way. up to 4 hours. Includes viewing appointment and 50 images. Special discount for a newborn session at the studio.

FRESH 48 SESSION  - $200

Hospital session usually is taken the next day after baby is born. Can include family members and grandparents. up to 1 hour. Includes viewing appointment and 20 images. Special discount for a newborn session at the studio.


Up to 1 hour session at the studio or on location of your choice. Can include family members and grandparents. Props and maternity gowns available for use. Viewing appointment and 15 images. 

     MATERNITY SESSION mini  - $100 or FREE*

30 minute session at the studio. Props and maternity gowns available for use. Viewing appointment and 5 images. 

*This session is free with the booking of newborn session.

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